Lyme Disease At Ontario Parks

If you’re camping with your family in Southern Ontario, or anywhere where there are migratory birds, you should be paying attention to the notices the Parks have about Lyme Disease. Lyme is a bacterial infection that is passed by deer ticks, and is largely spread by migratory bird. Although initially only found in Long Point and Point Pelee, Ontario, Health Canada says there are established blacklegged tick populations infected with Lyme disease at these parks1:

  1. Long Point Provincial Park
  2. Turkey Point Provincial Park
  3. Rondeau Provincial Park
  4. Pinery Provincial Park
  5. Rouge Valley
  6. Point Pelee National Park
  7. Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area
  8. Wainfleet Bog Conservation Area
  9. Thousand Islands National Park area.

Ducks at Presquile
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Family Camping Safety Tips

The first time I went on a backcountry canoe trip with a toddler, the father was very concerned with her safety and rented a satellite phone because there was no cellular coverage where we were going. She was a trooper on the trip considering we did a strenuous five day loop in Algonquin Park and it rained four out of the five days. By the end we were all complaining of being soaking wet, while she was happy to spend time in the tent.

How much should you worry when camping with kids? Can you over-prepare? Here are some things you should consider before leaving, and some things to do and keep in mind when you’re out camping:

1) Kids getting lost

  • If your kids get lost in the woods teach them to stay put.
  • Teach your child to find an open spot or a well marked trail and to wait there until help arrives.
  • Tell your child that it’s okay to make lots of noise to attract the attention of the adults when they are lost.

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